100ml Glass Reagent Bottle for Sale
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100ml Glass Reagent Bottle for Sale

Aug. 29th, 2020
Aijiren 100ml Glass Reagent Bottle offer unmatched uniform wall thickness distribution, which means: Improved mechanical stability and improved resistance to temperature changes. Prevents stresses forming in the glass and possible bursting during heating and cooling

100ml Glass Reagent Bottle , also known as media bottles or graduated bottles, are containers made of glass, plastic, borosilicate, or related substances, and topped by special caps or stoppers. They are intended to contain chemicals in liquid or powder form for laboratories and stored in cabinets or on shelves.
- Prior to leaving the factory without testing because of its high quality.
- Made from high-quality glass material, which is durable and clean.
- Built under greatly strict quality control standards, therefore there is a quality guarantee of our product.
- Accurate and clear scales provide you an unbelievable experience.
- A good helper for you to work in a laboratory, and you will enjoy its excellent performance.
Mix and store a wide range of culture mediums with these 100ml Glass Reagent Bottle . Aijiren Borosilicate Glass Reagent Bottles with Polypropylene Cap and Pouring Ring feature a high chemical resistance and are designed with sloped shoulders for smooth pouring.

All lab consumables of Aijiren Tech are 100% integrity tested and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. If you have any requirement for 100ml Glass Reagent Bottle.Please contact with Aijiren.