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Wide Mouth GL45 Reagent Bottle for Lab
Aijiren is a manufacturer of chromatography consumable for more than 10 years, Aijiren has achieved the first level of chomatography consumableds in China.
Tip of How to Use Reagent Bottle
Do you how to use reagent bottle? Aijiren is reagent bottle supplier,gives some advice on reagent bottle use. Please check it.
Aijiren 100-1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle for Lab Analysis
Aijiren produces chromatographic consumables to provide better convenience for laboratories using chromatography, so Aijiren has introduced reagent bottles that are convenient for holding reagents, with capacities ranging from 100ml to 1000ml.
What Reagent can Fill in 100ml Reagent Bottle
100ml reagent bottle can be used for filling many type of sample, do you know what reagent can fill in Aijiren glass reagent bottle? Please follow us.
Where will you get 250ml glass reagent bottle?
Reagent bottles are part of laboratory glass consumables and can usually be purchased online. Aijiren 250ml glass reagent bottles are available online and offline.
Screw Top Wide Mouth Glass 250ml Reagent Bottle from Aijiren
Aijiren began to provide chromatography consumables in 2007 and has been working hard to broaden its product line. This year, it launched a new product Reagent bottle.
250ml Reagent Bottle for HPLC from Aijiren
Aijiren is a manufacturer of HPLC chromatography consumable,Aijiren has been engaged in this industry for more than ten years and has a wealth of experience and extraordinary strength.
Round Bottom Laboratory 500ml Reagent Bottle on Sale
500ml reagent bottles are one of the most common containers in the laboratory.Now, laboratory round bottom 500ml reagent bottle is on sale, please contact to get quotation.
Reagent Bottle 100ml Manufacturer from China
Reagent Bottle 100ml are available with narrow mouths for better control while pouring, or wide mouths for easy filling or content retrieval. Caps and stoppers for Reagent Bottle 100ml should be selected carefully, as their material or lining may interact negatively with the contents of the bottle.
Reagent Bottle 250ml Price from Aijiren
Reagent Bottle 250ml are made in a low coefficient of thermal expansion (3.3), provides temperature resistance that is far superior to that of standard lab glass (or soda lime glass). Aijiren Reagent Bottle 250ml can withstand temperatures from -70 to 500°C, permitting repeated use in freezers, microwaves, autoclaves, and dry heat sterilization chambers.
100ml Glass Reagent Bottle for Sale
100ml Glass Reagent Bottle that have been used in a laboratory or otherwise used to store chemicals should not be used for storing food or drinks. The bottles in our kits are always brand new but they may contain a white residue from the process of grinding the neck and stopper so they should always be washed before use.
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