10mm Screw Cap Vials Chromatography and Autosampler Vials for Sale
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10mm Screw Cap Vials Chromatography and Autosampler Vials for Sale

Jan. 2nd, 2020
10mm Screw Cap Vials are less prone to breakage during decapping because more glass is used in the neck of the vial. The snap seal neck finish is compatible with either crimp and/or snap seals and no special tools are required to remove the cap. These vials are recommended for short term sample storage and non-volatile samples because the seal is not as secure as a crimp or screw thread seal.
Standard 10mm Screw Cap Vials for GC Chromatography, vials can be used for high performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography for reliable analysis results.
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How vial color and material may affect your samples?
If your sample is sensitive to light, which may damage certain chemicals,use amber vials. If you need to view a color change then a clear vial is the best choice.So when you choose the 10mm Screw Cap Vials,the color is a important factor.
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