Aijiren 13mm Screw Vials and Caps Autosampler Vials for Sale
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Aijiren 13mm Screw Vials and Caps Autosampler Vials for Sale

Jan. 2nd, 2020
13mm Screw Vials are available with either an open hole for autosampler use and standard addition or with a solid top for sample storage. One piece polypropylene cap and membrane are also available. These pierceable screw thread caps are designed for one time use and reduce sample preparation time as there is no cap and seal to assemble.
FAQ of 13mm Screw Vials.
1.Can you accept OEM custom design products?
OEM Available! It is necessary to provide us drawings or pictures of new products you desire, our research department will respond to you in 24 hours.
2.Where is your nearest seaport or airport?
We are located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The nearest airport is Xiaoshan International Airport (about 25 km), Nearest Seaport Shanghai ( 250 km) and Ningbo ( 160 km).

There are clearly numerous factors that come into play when choosing the best 13mm Screw Vials for specific scientific needs. The above information will help users to make an informed decision regarding the materials needed in the lab.
13mm Screw Vials are made from 33 expansion glass, which can be heated at higher temperatures during the manufacturing process (1,200°C) while clear glass vials are made from 51 expansion glass (heated at 1,00°C during manufacturing).
So any requirement about 13mm Screw Vials,please contact with AIjiren,which is the leading supplier of chromatography consumables since 2004.