1.5ml Amber Hplc Autosampler Vial for Sale
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1.5ml Amber Hplc Autosampler Vial for Sale

May. 26th, 2020
In High performance liquid chromatography analysis, there are some autosampler vials can be used, such as 8-425 autosampler vial, 9mm screw autosampler vial, 11mm snap vial, 11mm crimp autosampler vial, 10-425 screw vial and so on. In those vial, 1.5ml Hplc Autosampler Vial is very common. 
The color of 1.5ml Hplc Autosampler Vial is amber and clear. In fact, 1.5ml Hplc Autosampler Vial raw color is clear. Some sample should be away from the light. So amber 1.5ml Hplc Autosampler Vial appeared. When produce the amber vial, UV-absorbed metal oxides was added to the raw material. In HPLC analysis, which color autosampler vial is needed, depends on sample feature.
Amber 1.5ml Hplc Autosampler Vial for sale has different top type, such as screw top vial, snap top vial and crimp top vial. In the market, Amber 1.5ml Hplc Autosampler Vial is 9mm short screw thread vial. This 9mm short screw thread vial can compatible to most of instrument.
Amber 1.5ml Hplc Autosampler Vial for sale with graduation, it is convenient to note sample name and control the sample volume. At the same time, some laboratory need the vial show their logo on the vial, Aijiren can supply this service. When you purchase Amber 1.5ml Hplc Autosampler Vial, you should tell your requirement to Business Manager.
Amber 1.5ml Hplc Autosampler Vial for sale supplied by Aijiren. Aijiren 1.5ml Hplc Autosampler Vial can be used for Pharmaceutical, life science, chemistry, technology, food processing industry and so on. Free sample can be supplied before you buy it. Welcome to inquiry.