Hot Sale 2ml Hplc Autosampler Vials from Aijiren Manufacturer
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Hot Sale 2ml Hplc Autosampler Vials from Aijiren Manufacturer

May. 27th, 2020
The Autosampler Vials provided by Aijiren uses the laziest chemical glass as the raw material, and the Speta is made of PTFE or silicone. It has intentional resealing properties and can be used for multiple injections without problems such as Speta breakage.
Aijiren is known for its ease of use, rugged design and unparalleled reliability, and has become the industry standard for laboratory consumables. This has always been the status of our products so far.Aijiren Autosampler Vials are made of bismuth borosilicate glass and meet international standards. From start to finish, it is under quality control; we also perform chromatographic performance tests on silicone rubber septa to ensure that the highest standard purity requirements are met, and to eliminate impurity contamination and possible analytical errors.
Aijiren's 2ml Autosampler Vials can be applied to various brands and types of autosampler. Our Autosampler Vials and Caps & Speta have a variety of styles and colors, which can be customized according to your needs. Autosampler Vials is divided into clear and amber two colors, with writing area and without writing area.
The autosampler cap is divided into Open top and Close top, Open top is convenient for you to use for automatic sampling, and Close top is convenient for storing samples. There are many colors of Septa, which can be divided into two types: Pre-slit and Non-slit. Pre-slit can guide the sampling needle to smoothly pass through Septa to get the sample. Pre-slit Septa is also divided into straight slits and cross slits. Cross slits can better ensure the sampling stability of the sampling needle than straight slits.
Aijiren has extensive experience in manufacturing Autosampler Vials and Cap & Septa. As an old-style laboratory consumable supplier, we can guarantee the superior quality of our products. As a manufacturer, we also provide customers with factory prices, our products are cheap and good, and are the best choice for you to buy Autosampler Vials.