16mm COD Test Tube Manufacturer from China
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16mm COD Test Tube Manufacturer from China

Jan. 7th, 2021
The 16mm COD Test Tube provided by Aijiren is 16mm in diameter and Screw Neck. The capacity is divided into 9ml, 10ml, 12ml and 15ml. Among them, the 9ml and 10ml COD Test Tubes are flat-bottomed, and 12ml, 15ml and 16ml are round-bottomed, which can be used with instruments of different brands and models.

16mm COD Test Tube is available in two packages of 25 pcs/box and 100 pcs/box. Customers can purchase according to their own demand. Generally speaking, we recommend purchasing in boxes to ensure the convenience of delivery. In addition, Aijiren provides customized services, you can customize the company's logo on Tube.
16mm COD Test Tube is also classified into two types, LVB type and HC type. Customers can choose which type according to their own situation and actual needs. Aijiren uses high-quality glass to make the COD Test Tube, which ensures that the tube can be heated at high temperatures, and the stable tube structure is not susceptible to temperature rupture.
Points to note when using 16mm COD Test Tube: If you need to shake the tube to mix the contents, be sure to tighten the cap. The Screw Cap designed by Aijiren has a good seal and will not spill liquid after tightening. If you need to label test tubes, you can buy test tubes with written labels. If the reagent is a highly toxic chemical reagent, please handle the remaining liquid carefully and discard the COD Tube, and do not reuse it.
Aijiren, as a well-known laboratory consumables supplier, has been working hard to bring more convenient consumables to the experiment operation. Our R&D department is also working hard to make better products. Customers can feedback any questions, and we will always support our partner's work.