2ml Screw Neck Chromatography Vial for Laboratory
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2ml Screw Neck Chromatography Vial for Laboratory

Jan. 6th, 2021
The 2ml Screw Neck Chromatography Vial has a variety of neckwear and opening diameters to choose from. The caliber of large-caliber or wide-inner-diameter sample bottles is 40% larger than that of standard-caliber sample bottles. The large opening reduces the risk of the autosampler needle bending during sampling.
You can choose amber 2ml Screw Neck Chromatography Vial, which are ideal for storing samples that are sensitive to exposure. The transparent glass vial is ideal for testing the solubility or dispersibility of the material, allowing you to view the solution unhindered. Our vial has a capacity of 2 ml. Each pack contains 100 glass vials and 100 septa-lined caps.
Aijiren’s 2ml Screw Neck Chromatography Vial has three calibers: 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm. The 8mm vial is often suitable for Shimadzu’s autosamplers. The 9mm vial can be matched with many different brands of autosamplers. The 10mm vial has the largest opening, which is very convenient for the autosampler to sample.
These three types of 2ml Screw Neck Chromatography Vial have matching Cap and Septa. The Screw Cap produced by Aijiren uses high-quality PP to ensure good sealing. The thickness of Septa is usually 1mm, which can be effectively and tightly pressed on the Cap and In the middle of the Vial mouth, fill the gap to ensure sealing.
In addition, in order to ensure that the 2ml Screw Neck Chromatography Vial can easily sample the autosampler, Aijiren introduced a PP cap with a center hole. Septa can also choose to have a pre-slit, which is very convenient for the round hole automatic injection needle to penetrate Septa for sampling. Pre-cut seams are also divided into "straight" incision and "cross" incision.