16MM Cod Vial For Water Analysis On Sale
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16MM Cod Vial For Water Analysis On Sale

Oct. 14th, 2020
COD Vial is also called Test tube. COD Vial are available of 5ml, 10ml and 12ml. In laboratory, flat bottom and round bottom COD vials with 16mm plastic screw cap are seen. This 16mm COD vials are widely application in water analysis by photometric analysis.
The COD Vial of photometric analysis is easy to handle, so it is the first choice for routine,  laboratory and process analysis. Since the reagents are completely pre-treated in 16mm COD Vial cuvettes and additional reagents, the accuracy and precision of the measurement results are the highest.
COD Vial is also application in industrial water treatment. In this test, COD vial is useful in helping operators detect heat exchanger leaks in cooling water. The Mid Range test also targets monitoring the pre-treatment of industrial discharges — such as those from food production, animal processing, and paper. 
The COD Vial is usually packed in a box with a color-coded label. These boxes provide perfect protection from sunlight and facilitate the insertion of test tubes and reagents. The colored pictograms in the lid are of special value to our customers and provide inexperienced users with an intuitive explanation of the test procedures.
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