Aijiren 100-1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle for Lab Analysis
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Aijiren 100-1000ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle for Lab Analysis

Oct. 14th, 2020
Aijiren is a manufacturer specializing in the production of chromatographic consumables. In 2020, Aijiren launched a new product Reagent Bottle. As soon as the new product was launched, it received a warm welcome from customers, which means that one more product can be purchased from Aijiren.
Aijiren chose several of the most popular capacities on the market in this new product, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml. Aijiren’s Reagent Bottle is made of soda lime glass, which is highly inert and not It is easy for the reagent to react, and the thickness of the bottle wall is uniform after being poured into the mold to make the bottle to ensure the stability of the reagent bottle.
The Reagent Bottle produced by Aijiren have many special designs. The wide mouth design is to make the pouring and adding of reagents more convenient. The threaded mouth design makes the reagents not easy to spill, and it is more convenient for the pp cap to seal the Reagent Bottle.
The Reagent Bottle also has an oblique shoulder design to facilitate pouring reagents. The design of the raised bottom is also to ensure that the reagent is not left in the bottle and is not wasted, and it also ensures that the bottom of the Reagent Bottle can be stabilized when placed on the table.
Aijiren has always believed that the reputation of the brand needs to be supported by product quality, so Aijiren has been working hard to improve the quality of its products. We have been doing and will continue to do it to satisfy customers.