20ml Headspace Vial for GC Analysis
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20ml Headspace Vial for GC Analysis

Aug. 27th, 2020
20ml Headspace Vials & Caps for GC analysis has certified screw and crimp style two finished. 20ml Headspace Vials has Clear and amber color. 20ml Glass headspace vials  associated with 18mm and 20mm crimp top aluminum caps are engineered to prevent sample contamination while providing consistent, secure seals.
20ml Headspace Vials is made of Type 1 borosilicate glass. Clear glass vials with 20mm crimp seal finish are designed to fit most headspace autosamplers. 20ml Flat bottom vials maximize heating efficiency when used with bottom. Round bottom vials are more easily handled by robotic arms that lift the vial from the tray.
20ml Headspace Vials feature rounded shoulders and bottoms, allowing for even heating and safer operation at higher pressures. The newly designed top of 20ml Headspace Vials provides a tighter seal with PTFE septa. About the aluminum cap designed, There is a pressure relief ring at the top that effectively releases the pressure from the headspace vial.
Package of 20ml Headspace Vials round bottom in 100pcs/pack. The 20mm aluminum cap and 18mm magnetic screw caps (silver in color) with Silicone/PTFE Septa are packaged in plastic bag or plastic box, 100pcs/pack. Each goods, Aijiren supply economical package and Practical packaging in two ways.
20ml Headspace Vials for GC analysis are in stock. Aijiren is the manufacturer of 20ml headspace vial, welcome to inquiry.