Lab 20ml Headspace Glass Vials from Aijiren in Stock
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Lab 20ml Headspace Glass Vials from Aijiren in Stock

Aug. 26th, 2020
Aijiren produce 20ml Headspace Vials for gas chromatography,The large volume of 20ml ensures that after the reagent in the headspace vial is vaporized, the gas can be suspended in the upper part of the Vial to facilitate the Autosampler to extract it.So it is an important part of GC detection.
Aijiren’s 20ml Headspace Vials are usually made of borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass, which is resistant to high temperatures and inert, which can ensure safe and stable experiments. Aijiren’s 20ml Headspace Vial has two categories, Crimp Top and Screw Top. Next, I will explain the difference between the two Headspace Vials.
Screw Top 20ml Headspace Vials are divided into two colors, Amber and Clear. Amber color can be used to protect light-sensitive samples. Screw Thread Caps are made of Magnetic Precision Metal with good sealing performance. The thread design is convenient for experimenters screw on or open manually.
Crimp Top 20ml Headspace Vials are also divided into two colors, Clear and Amber. Not only that, Crimp Top 20ml Headspace vial is also divided into two types, round bottom and flat bottom. This is designed to match different types of autosamplers. Fits more closely to the bottom of the autosampler.
The Cap of Crimp Top 20ml Headspace Vials needs Hand Crimper and Decrimper to be able to be sealed and opened. The 20mm Caps are made of Aluminum, with strong airtightness and soft texture. When the Hand Crimper is used for sealing, it is very easy to seal the bottle tightly.
These are the details about 20ml Headspace Vials,if you are interested,please contact Aijiren.