20ml Headspace Vials for Gas Chromatography on Sale
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20ml Headspace Vials for Gas Chromatography on Sale

Sep. 9th, 2020
Aijiren’s 20ml Headspace Vials are divided into two categories, 18mm Screw Thread 20ml Headspace Vials and 20mm Crimp Top 20ml Headspace Vials. Aijiren’s 20ml Headspace Vial is made of borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass, which is extremely inert and not easy to react with chemical reagents.
18mm Screw Thread 20ml Headspace Vials are divided into two colors, Amber and Clear. Amber Glass can effectively resist ultraviolet rays and protect light-sensitive samples from deterioration due to sunlight. Clear Glass can clearly see the changes in the samples in Headspace Vial.
Since there are two types of base parts of Autosampler machines on the market, the 20mm Crimp Top 20ml Headspace Vials has two designs with round bottom and flat bottom. This design is to make the bottom of the bottle fit the base of Autosampler and make the Vias more stable.
The Cap of the 18mm Screw Thread 20ml Headspace Vials is made of Screw Magnetic Precision Metal, which fits the robot arm of the autosampler very well. 20mm Crimp Top 20ml Headspace Vials Cap is made of Aluminum, available in Blue and metallic colors.
Aijiren has its own bottle manufacturing plant and quality inspection department. All products are completed under strict requirements and inspections. All Aijiren products are certified by SGS and can be purchased with confidence. Aijiren will become world-renowned Chromatography consumables suppliers continue to work hard.