18mm Screw Neck GC Glass Vials for Analysis
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18mm Screw Neck GC Glass Vials for Analysis

Sep. 10th, 2020
18mm Screw Neck GC Glass Vials is a type of experimental vial for top-space analysis with high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance features. 18mm Screw Neck GC Glass Vials is used in the top-gas chromatography process.It is one of the laboratory consumables commonly used in chromatographic GC analysis. 
When detecting volatile or semi-volatile mixtures at high boiling points, it is necessary to heat them in order to evaporate at the top. In this process, the liquid sample is at the bottom, allowing you to measure the material of the upper gas without touching the liquid in the 18mm Screw Neck GC Glass Vials.
10ml round bottom 18mm Screw Neck GC Glass Vials package with 18ml magnetic screw cap (silver color) and silicone/PTFE septum. Cap: Magnetic 18mm screw cap. Septum: Silicone (Transparent Blue) / PTFE (White), 45 degree Shore A, 1.3mm, Vials Fraction: 10mL, 46 x 22.5mm Round Bottom Package Size: 100pcs.
Aijiren high quality headspace vials have a Beveled Edge neck for a secure seal, uniform glass thickness for even heat distribution and consistent sampling reliability.The high standard production of 18mm Screw Neck GC Glass Vials caps and vials ensures the safety of experiments and the accuracy of analysis results.
Aijiren is a company specializing in 18mm Screw Neck GC Glass Vials and has its own professional bottle manufacturing factory. Aijiren has always been adhering to the production concept of high quality and high requirements, and has been working hard to become a world-renowned supplier of chromatography consumables.