20ml Headspace Vials for GC System for Sale
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20ml Headspace Vials for GC System for Sale

Jul. 1st, 2020
The diversity of compounds in life promotes the development of various analytical methods. At the same time, the diversity of the objects detected also put forward higher requirements for chromatography analysis. Sensitive, accurate and reliable headspace gas chromatography analysis is becoming increasingly important. The wide use of 20ml Headspace Vial in experiments is an example.
In headspace gas chromatography analysis, headspace GC vial play an important role. The quality of headspace vial is related to the success or failure of the experimental results. Aijiren 20ml Headspace Vial are made of borosilicate glass, with safe and stable characteristics. 
Due to the 20ml Headspace Vial is heated in experiment, borosilicate glass has good ductility, ensuring that it will not crack during heating. According to the structure of the vial mouth, 20ml Headspace Vial can be divided into screw and crimper. And the volume of headspace vial is 10ml and 20ml. 
Due to the relatively high temperature in the experiment, the lid of the headspace vial is made of metal. So 20ml Headspace Vial can be easy to easily be grabbed by a robotic arm. Improved analytical efficiency. 
Aijiren supply 20ml Headspace Vial for GC system in wholesale price. Screw headspace vial and crimp headspace vial are available. 20ml Headspace Vial is popular, Buy headspace vial, please inquiry us.