High Quality 20ml Headspace Vials for GC from Aijiren
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High Quality 20ml Headspace Vials for GC from Aijiren

Jul. 1st, 2020
The 20ml Headspace Vial produced by Aijiren are often used in gas chromatography related analysis. 20ml Headspace Vial is a popular product of Aijiren. Let me introduce the specific features of 20ml Headspace Vial for you. 20ml Headspace Vial have two different calibers, one is 18mm Screw Headspace vial and the other is 20mm Crimp Headspace vial. The cap specifications of these two 20ml headspace vials are also different, but they are both Aluminum Caps.
Screw Headspace Vials are more convenient to operate. Only the experimenter needs to twist the cap to open or tighten the 20ml Headspace Vial, and it can be operated repeatedly. Crimp Headspace vials have better sealing, but they need to be squeezed with the supporting Hand Crimper to squeeze the Aluminum Crimp Cap. Use Hand Decrimper to remove the Aluminum Crimp Cap from Crimp Headspace vial, so the aluminum cap of Crimp Vial can only be used once.
20ml Headspace Vial is not only the difference between the caliber, but also the dials itself have different specifications.The 20ml Headspace Vial provided by Aijiren is made of USP Type 1, Class A, 33 Borosilicate Clear Glass or USP Type 1, Class B, 51 Borosilicate Amber Glass. Vial bottoms are also divided into flat bottoms or round bottoms.
Aijiren uses box packaging to minimize damage to 20ml Headspace Vial. Aijiren produces strictly in accordance with the quality to ensure the consistency of dimensions between batches. The 20ml Headspace Vial is suitable for headspace analysis of volatile solids and gases. In addition, the 20ml headspace sample vial is also resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, and can store volatile samples to prevent sample evaporation.
Aijiren Tech Providing you the best quality of gc 20ml Headspace Vial aluminium crimp cap,  gc 20ml Headspace Vial aluminium screw cap. Aijiren has been engaged in gas chromatography consumables for more than ten years. Our 20ml Headspace Vial has been provided to customers in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. To purchase 20ml Headspace Vial, please choose Aijiren.