250ml Clear Glass GL45 Reagent Bottle on Sale
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250ml Clear Glass GL45 Reagent Bottle on Sale

Sep. 24th, 2020
The 250ml GL45 Reagent Bottle produced by Aijiren is made of high-quality soda-lime glass, which is extremely inert and suitable for hardness. It is very suitable for holding liquid or solid powdered reagents. And this kind of glass can also withstand the test of high temperature and low temperature without deterioration.
250ml GL45 Reagent Bottle is produced in Aijiren’s bottle factory. Aijiren’s bottle factory has a new series of bottle making machines and more than 100 workers for production. The 250ml GL45 Reagent Bottle manufactured in this way is guaranteed to be error-free in every batch. It's exactly the same as the bottles.
The 250ml GL45 Reagent Bottle produced by Aijiren is available in two colors, Amber and Clear, to hold reagents with different sensitivity to light. The round bottom of the 250ml GL45 Reagent Bottle makes the reagent bottle stable and not easy to tip over due to external force.
Aijiren is an experienced supplier of chromatography consumables, and has been insisting on ensuring product quality since it started producing chromatography consumables in 2007. For more than ten years, we have been working hard to broaden our product line and bring customers a better shopping experience.
If you want to buy Aijiren’s 250ml GL45 Reagent Bottle, you can leave a message on our official website, or you can contact our online staff via online chat. The transportation method needs to be determined according to your purchase volume, and the freight is also different. If you want to buy, please contact us, new customers have discounts.