HPLC Reagent Bottle in 250ml
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HPLC Reagent Bottle in 250ml

Sep. 24th, 2020
Aijiren's Reagent Bottle has a variety of specifications. Among them, the 250ml Reagent Bottle is very popular because it has a proper capacity and can hold a proper liquid without occupying too much space and space. It is suitable to put it on the Autosampler or in the cabinet.
The 250ml Reagent Bottle comes in two colors, Clear and Amber. Customers can choose different glass colors according to whether the reagents in the 250ml Reagent Bottle are sensitive to light. Both clear and amber 250ml Reagent Bottle are made of soda lime glass.
The 250ml Reagent Bottle has several ingenious designs to meet customer needs, one is wide-bore, which is convenient for pouring liquids and adding liquids. One is the oblique shoulder design, which is also convenient for pouring the liquid in the Reagent Bottle. The scale of the bottle body is also for the convenience of customers to observe the level of reagents in the bottle and to add reagents in time.
Aijiren has its own quality inspection department, which will conduct quality inspections on the 250ml Reagent Bottle produced. Aijiren guarantees that every batch of 250ml Reagent Bottles will have exactly the same specifications and exactly the same quality. Ensure that the error between bottle and bottle is small.
Aijiren is a manufacturer with 13 years of experience in bottle making. The bottles produced by Aijiren have their own unique bottle making technology. The high standards of several years have made Aijiren a well-known brand of chromatographic consumables and sold to more than 70 countries around the world. Exported 250ml Reagent Bottle to the region.