250ml Lab Reagent Bottle Trait
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250ml Lab Reagent Bottle Trait

Aug. 13th, 2020
250ml  Reagent Bottles are designed and manufactured in Aijiren, China.  This 250ml Reagent Bottles made of premium Borosilicate glass and soda-lime glass. These 250ml Reagent Bottles offer maximum possible chemical resistance with minimal thermal expansion, making them the best choice for laboratory applications.
The Reagent Bottles equip with PP Cap and Pouring ring autoclavable to 140°C. Reagent Bottles offer unmatched uniform wall thickness distribution, which means: 1.Improved mechanical stability and improved resistance to temperature changes. 2.Prevents stresses forming in the glass and possible bursting during heating and cooling.
250ml Reagent Bottles has advantages, such as improved safety for employees, longer service life of laboratory glassware, protection of valuable substances. These graduated Reagent Bottles are suitable for the storage of a wide range of liquids. The 250ml reagent bottle complies with ISO4796-1 Standard. Features no-drip pour lip.
250ml Reagent Bottles Caps range in size from narrow mouthed to wide mouthed and often a glass or plastic funnel is needed to properly fill a reagent bottle from a larger or equal sized container's mouth. Reagent Bottles caps are commonly said to be "autoclavable". Aijiren can supply all kind of glass reagent bottle with PP screw cap in wholesale price.
Reagent Bottles is on sale by Aijiren. No matter which GL40 reagent bottle and GL80 reagent bottle, you can find in Aijiren. Welcome to inquiry.