500ml Laboratory Reagent Bottle in Stock
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500ml Laboratory Reagent Bottle in Stock

Aug. 13th, 2020
500ml blue cap Reagent Bottles are widely used in college laboratories, factory and mining enterprise laboratories. Reagent Bottles are used in the distribution, transshipment and storage of chemical reagents. 500ml laboratory Reagent Bottles disassembled reagents are mostly powdered and liquid. There is also a portion of the 500ml Reagent Bottles with a chromatographic analyzer for use.
Depending on the reagent, different materials are selected for Reagent Bottles. HF solution due to corrosion glass can not be loaded with glass Reagent Bottles, can be used plastic Reagent Bottles. The 500ml laboratory reagent bottle provided by Aijiren is made of glass, so please confirm the reagent you want to install before you buy.
 According to the different reagents, choose different materials for the reagent bottles. Borosilicate glass The scope of application of reagent bottle is wider than Soda-lime glass reagent bottle. Aijiren supply borosilicate glass 3.3 reagent bottle and soda-lime glass reagent bottle.  
The choice of Reagent Bottles cap should also pay more attention. Reagent Bottles filled with alkaline substances (NaOH, Na2CO3, etc.) or water glass must be made with rubber plugs and corks. Because alkaline substances or water glass can react with silicon dioxide in the glass, resulting in the bottle and plug bonding. The 500ml laboratory Reagent Bottles lid seduing is made of plastic, gl45, GL80.
500ml laboratory Reagent Bottles are in stock, if you have any questions, please contact with Aijiren business manager.