2ml Clear Screw Glass Vial for Sale
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2ml Clear Screw Glass Vial for Sale

Sep. 3rd, 2020
2ml Clear Screw Glass Vial is generally divided into low boron and neutral, the difference is that the content of borosilicate and the physical and chemical properties of the glass are also different. Aijiren provides 2ml Clear Screw Glass Vial in borosilicate glass. For high-throughput laboratories, low borosilicate glass is recommended.
Aijiren 2ml Clear Screw Glass Vial are produced according to the requirements of the international standard, which can reduce your consumption in the experiment and save time. Aijiren 2ml Clear Screw Glass Vial reduces the analysis error caused by ghost peaks, syringe damage, and septa movement, which can largely avoid analysis failure and achieve sample reuse.
2ml Clear Screw Glass Vial size is 12x32mm and this vial is built with Advanced Vial Closure System. This innovation not only prevents septa push through, but provides a stop point for the cap to prevent over-or under-tightening and provide an optimal, consistent seal every time. Aijiren supply 2ml Clear Screw Glass Vial with closure in wholesale price.
2ml Clear Screw Glass Vial and caps are easy to use and require no special tools. The unique thread design provides a consistently secure seal, preventing evaporation. 2ml Clear Screw Glass Vial are available in 8-425 (8mm) and 9-425 (9mm). No matter which 8-425 or 9mm clear screw vial, you can find in Aijiren shop. 
Aijiren is the 2ml Clear Screw Glass Vial factory, so you can get 2ml clear screw glass vial in resonable price. Welcome to inquiry.