2ml Amber Screw Top Glass Vial for Sale
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2ml Amber Screw Top Glass Vial for Sale

Sep. 3rd, 2020
2ml Screw Top Glass Vial is the very common consumable in chromatography analysis. According to the different of color, 2ml Screw Top Glass Vial can be divided into amber glass vial and clear glass vial. 2ml amber screw glass vial is mainly used for reagents that react with light. Aijiren supply 2ml amber screw glass vial in wholesale price.
2ml Screw Top Glass Vial is made of amber Class 1 B borosilicate glass. 2ml glass vial is produced from high-quality raw materials. It has high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Controlled manufacturing environment quality and service have won the trust of customers. 2ml amber screw glass vial can be used for Gas chromatography and liquid chromatography instrument.
2ml Screw Top Glass Vial features are ultra-clean working environment and packaging.  Specific packaging materials to reduce pollution, 2ml Screw Top Glass Vial is applicable to various types of liquid chromatography samplers. The integrity, cleanliness, and uniformity of 2ml  glass vials are critical to today’s demanding applications. 
2ml Screw Top Glass Vial are available in a variety of neck finishes and opening diameters. Large mouth or wide glass vials have approximately a 40% wider mouth opening than standard opening vials. The large opening reduces the risk of bent autosampler needles during sampling.
Aijiren is the 22ml Screw Top Glass Vial manufacturer, 2ml amber screw glass vial have been exported to more than 32 countries’ laboratory. If you are looking for this glass vial, welcome to inquiry.