2ml Crimp Top Glass Vials with Aluminum Caps on Sale
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2ml Crimp Top Glass Vials with Aluminum Caps on Sale

Aug. 3rd, 2020
In HPLC analysis and testing, 2ml Crimp Top Glass Vials with Aluminum Caps is very popular because the aluminum cap has good sealing properties and can store samples for a long time. Glass vial is very suitable for autosampler, so the 2ml Crimp Top Glass Vials with Aluminum Caps provided by Aijiren has been well received by customers.
The 2ml glass vial is forged from borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass at high temperature. Our molds strictly ensure that the specifications of the vial are consistent between batches. Glass vial has two colors, amber glass and clear glass. Amber glass vial can protect light-sensitive samples. The clear glass vial makes it easier to see the sample changes inside the vial.
Aluminum Caps are soft in texture and can easily seal Vias when used with Hand Crimper and Decrimper. The color of Caps is the natural color of Aluminum, and the simple and advanced metal texture is very suitable for HPLC analysis,and it can also be more compatible with the autosampler.
Customers can choose whether the Aluminum Caps they buy have a center hole or not according to their own use. The Cap with the center hole is convenient for the automatic sampler to sample, and the Cap without the center hole is suitable for sealed storage of samples.
Aijiren’s 2ml Crimp Top Glass Vials with Aluminum Caps has always been the main product, if you are interested, you can contact our online customer service, we will meet your needs with quality service. If the customer service is not online, you can choose to leave a message and we will reply you as soon as possible.