2ml HPLC Glass Vials with PP Caps for Sale
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2ml HPLC Glass Vials with PP Caps for Sale

Aug. 3rd, 2020
Aijiren is an experienced supplier of chromatography consumables. Our most popular product is 2ml Glass Vials with PP Caps. The 2ml glass vials are made of borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass, which can withstand high temperatures and is not easy to react with samples.
The 2ml hplc vials can match most of the autosamplers on the market, which saves the time spent on manual injection and improves the efficiency of hplc analysis. When the sample is scarce, 2ml vials can also be placed in the micro -Insert is used together, which can not only use the autosampler, but also increase the sample level.
The screw neck caps and snap caps provided by Aijiren are made of high-quality pp material. The pp material is not easy to deform and can withstand a certain high temperature. You can also choose Caps with a center hole to facilitate autosampler sampling.
Aijiren purchased different machines and molds to make 2ml Glass Vials with PP Caps. It is worth mentioning that Aijiren's pp caps can be customized in color, and packaging can also be customized according to customer needs. Aijiren purchased a new batch of manufacturing the machine of pp caps greatly improves Aijiren's production efficiency.
If you are interested in Aijiren's 2ml Glass Vials with PP Caps, please communicate with the online customer service of Aijiren official website. If the customer service is not online, you can choose to leave a message on the official website and we will reply to you as soon as possible.