2ml Glass Vials with Screw Cap for Sale
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2ml Glass Vials with Screw Cap for Sale

Jul. 27th, 2020
Today, when working in the laboratory, clear identification of samples and traceability of all steps in sample preparation until the completion of analysis are today's basic requirements. Aijiren 2ml Glass Vials with screw cap and vial with writing area and graduation is an effective solution because sample information can be read quickly, resulting in increased efficiency and workflow security.
Especially in the case of high throughput and gradual automation of the sample, Aijiren screw glass vial with screw cap is automatically sampled by grabbing the robot arm. Experimental analysis is completed in Aijiren 2ml Glass Vialswith screw cap. At the same time, data is transmitted automatically, and the experimental cost of data management is saved. 
Aijiren 2ml Glass Vials with screw cap are customized products based on your experimental requirements for vial types, writing areas, logos and other individual parameters.
Aijiren 2ml Glass Vials with screw cap is fully compatible with a variety of autosamplers. Compared to crimp top vials, Aijiren 2ml Glass Vials with screw cap can easily tighten the lid without the help of a tool. Polypropylene threaded cap with PTFE septa, can form a good seal on the vial, improve work efficiency.
Aijiren 2ml Glass Vials with screw cap is mature product. Free sample can be supplied. Welcome to inquiry.