2ml Hplc Sample Vial Introduction
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2ml Hplc Sample Vial Introduction

Jun. 8th, 2020
We need to use chromatographic methods in many fields, such as medicine, chemistry, technology, food testing, etc. In the chromatographic analysis, the HPLC analysis method characterized by high speed and high sensitivity is more popular. If you want to perform HPLC chromatographic analysis, you need to use professional chromatographic instruments for analysis. Aijiren HPLC Sample Vial is the product that is matched with the chromatographic instrument and can hold the sample so that the correct result is detected.
Aijiren HPLC Sample Vial can be Clear or Amber (used primarily to avoid UV light), with thread, snap and crimp types. It has ultra-clean working environment/packaging, specific packaging materials to reduce pollution, applicable to different types of HPLC Autosamplers. 
The integrity, purity and uniformity of Aijiren HPLC Sample Vial (HPLC autosampler vials) are crucial for today's demanding applications. Ajiren offers 2 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml and 40 ml sample Vials, widely used with HPLC, GC for Agilent, Shimadzu and Waters and other autosamplers.In particular, the 2ml HPLC Sample Vial is more popular because it is suitable for most Autosampler.
The HPLC Sample Vial is made in colourless class 1 A or amber class 1 B-borosilicate glass. The HPLC Sample Vial is made from high quality raw materials. Flat bottom Vials are suitable for downward movement when the instrument is running. Flat mouth Vials have a large contact area with septa and denser seal.
Aijiren HPLC Sample Vial has high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Controlled manufacturing quality and service has gained customer trust.high-quality materials are used in the septa of the HPLC Sample Vial to ensure proper function, and it is often used in multiple injections and/or longer sampling cycle designs as well as gas chromatography and liquid chromatography instruments.