2ml Crimp Top HPLC sample vials for Sale
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2ml Crimp Top HPLC sample vials for Sale

Jun. 5th, 2020
Aijiren's HPLC Sample Vial is manufactured of Clear, Type 1 Class A or Amber, Type 1 Class B, borosilicate glass, the Cap of HPLC Sample Vial is made of polypropylene, and Septa uses PTFE and Silicone materials. Aijiren guarantees that the raw materials used are of high quality, and the HPLC Sample Vial made from these materials also has high quality.
Aijiren's HPLC Sample Vial is divided into three types: Screw, Crimp and Snap. Today I will introduce Crimp top's hplc sample vial. The caliber of Aijiren's 2ml Crimp top HPLC Sample Vial is generally 11mm, which is larger than that of ordinary Autosampler vial. The 11mm caliber makes it easier for the autosampler sampling needle to be inserted into the HPLC Sample Vial for sampling.
Aijiren's Crimp Top HPLC Sample Vial uses an aluminum cap for sealing, which can effectively prevent the sample from losing or evaporating in the vial. Aluminum cap can not be directly covered by hand, you need to use Hand Crimper to seal, Aijiren provides high quality Hand Crimper, if you buy Crimp Top Sample vial, please also buy Hand Crimper to avoid the situation that Crimp top vial cannot be used.
2ml of Crimp top HPLC Sample Vial can also use the matching micro-inserts, micro-insert is 250uL, there are three types, one is Micro-insert with Mandrel interior & Polymer Feet, the specification is 29*5.7mm, one is Conical Micro-insert , The specification is 31*5.7mm, one is flat bottom, the specification is 31*6mm. These three micro-inserts are designed to save precious samples during sampling, to ensure that the samples are not wasted and do not affect the tightness of the crimp top hplc sample vial.
The 2ml Crimp top HPLC Sample Vial produced by Aijiren is of good quality and competitive price, because Aijiren is a laboratory consumable manufacturer and there is no additional markup. If you are interested, please inquire us.