2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial and Pad for Sale
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2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial and Pad for Sale

Jun. 18th, 2020
2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial is made of Type 1 borosilicate glass. Comparing with 9mm screw vial, this 2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial mouth is wider opening. So 2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial is easier to fill and provides a larger target area for the autosampler needle. That is to say, the 2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial can protect the needle.
2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial size is 11.6x32mm, which can compatible to most autosamplers, such as Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters, Thermo Fisher and Varian instrument. 2ml HPLC vial is available amber and clear color. The bottom of vial is flat. It is convenient to put. Aijiren supply 2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial and pad in wholesale price.
2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial are less prone to breakage during decapping because more glass is used in the neck of the vial. The snap neck HPLC vial is compatible with either crimp and snap vial instrument. There are no special tools requiring to remove the cap. 2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial are recommended for short term sample storage and non-volatile samples because the seal is not as secure as a crimp or screw thread seal.
2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial with pad is widely used in experiment. The pad is made of PTFE and high-quality silicone rubber or ultra-pure silicone as raw materials. Ensure that the gasket is non-toxic. Using the glue-free bonding process, the PTFE film and silicone rubber or silicone bonds together, to maintain the good properties of the two materials, composite post-interval Teflon layer contact reagents, with good chemical inertness.
2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial and pad for sale is available in free sample. If you want to purchase 2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial, please inquiry Aijiren Business manger. They will give you detail answer.