2ml 11mm Snap Ring HPLC Vial from Aijiren on Stock
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2ml 11mm Snap Ring HPLC Vial from Aijiren on Stock

Jun. 18th, 2020
Aijiren 2ml 11mm Snap Ring HPLC Vial is made of transparent type A type 1 or amber type B type 1 type B borosilicate glass. Amber glass can effectively block ultraviolet rays and protect sensitive samples from the volatilization caused by ultraviolet rays. Aijiren 2ml 11mm Snap Ring HPLC Vial has a standard scale and writing area for easy filling and identification.
Aijiren 2ml 11mm Snap Ring HPLC Vial wide-mouth vial is easier to fill and provides a larger target area for the autosampler needle, does not distort the needle of the autosampler needle and damage the autosampler needle, 2ml 11mm Snap Ring HPLC Vial can be matched with most autosamplers on the market, such as Agilent, Thermo Fisher, Shimadzu and other well-known brands.
Because of the large amount of glass used in the 2ml 11mm Snap Ring HPLC Vial neck, snap seal vials are less likely to be damaged when the cap is removed. The snap seal neck finish is compatible with crimps or snap seals and does not require any special tools to remove the cap. These 2ml 11mm Snap Ring HPLC Vial are recommended for short-term sample storage and non-volatile samples because the seals are not as secure as crimps or threaded seals.
The 2ml 11mm Snap Ring HPLC Vial caps are made of high quality polypropylene with precise manufacturing tolerances and are manufactured in a controlled manufacturing environment. The snap caps are available in three colors, white, blue and red, if you need, We can also customize the color according to your requirements.
The 2ml 11mm Snap Ring HPLC Vial provided by Aijiren is mostly used in chromatographic analysis of HPLC and GC. It is suitable for various environmental monitoring, disease prevention, drug testing, agricultural product monitoring, etc. We have long-term cooperation with various analytical departments, laboratories and universities Our analysis teamwork, our products are trustworthy.