8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials for Sale from Aijiren
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8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials for Sale from Aijiren

Jun. 24th, 2020
8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials from Aijiren is 12*32mm,It is 40% wider than the ordinary vial opening, thus ensuring that the syringe of the autosampler can pierce the bottle smoothly without errors. 8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials neck Suitable for Agilent, AB Sciex, Brukers, Techcomp, PerkinElmer, ThermoScientifics, Shimadzu, Waters, CTC autosampler and other rotating or robotic arm samplers.
Let me introduce the material of 8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials, 33 Expansion borosilicate glass USP Type I Class A made of clear vial, or 51 Expansion borosilicate glass USP Type I, Class B made of Amber vial.Our glass uses neutral borosilicate and low borosilicate, but our neutral borosilicate can reach the standard of high borosilicate, and our low borosilicate can reach the standard of neutral borosilicate. We use excellent raw materials to make 8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials.
Aijiren's 8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials have scales of 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5ml on the bottle to ensure that customers can accurately grasp the sample size in the experiment, and Aijiren can also customize the writing area and logo according to your needs. A variety of styles and customized services make Aijiren the top 8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials supplier in China.
If the reagent to be tested by the customer is very precious and the capacity of 2ml vial is too large, 8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials can be used with different types of micro-insert. There are 3 types of micro-insert, 29*5mm 150uL micro-insert with mandrel interior&polymer feet, 150uL conical bottom micro-insert and 250uL flat bottom micro-insert. All three types of micro-insert can be adapted to 8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials.
Aijiren's 8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials is very popular. It is favored by our customers for its high quality and cheap price. Aijiren is a manufacturer of 8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials, so we bring our customers to the factory price.Buy 8-425 2ml Autosampler Vials,Choose Aijiren.