9mm Screw 2ml HPLC Vial with Graduation for Sale
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9mm Screw 2ml HPLC Vial with Graduation for Sale

Jun. 15th, 2020
Aijiren 9mm 2ml Screw HPLC Vial was developed by analyzing the characteristics of several well-known analyzers, avoiding the characteristics of previous sample vial. The 9mm 2ml Screw HPLC Vial mouth accuracy, sample vial body size, and sample vial thickness has been updated by Aijiren special processes.
The development of chromatography equipment and chromatography columns have resulted in lower detectable limits. But most of sample vials producing has not kept pace with the need of very clean autosampler consumables. Aijiren9mm 2ml Screw HPLC Vial with graduation was produced in clean 10000 workshop. 
Aijiren has developed process handling protocols and QC procedures to ensure quality of  9mm 2ml Screw HPLC Vial with graduation. These crafts certification processes provide clean vials for the demands brought on by sensitive chromatography systems. 
Compatible with the analyzer, the precipitate is reduced to ensure the purity of the analyzed sample. So the 9mm 2ml Screw HPLC Vial meet the chromatography equipment specified dimensions, levels of cleanlines, and adsorption properties.
9mm 2ml Screw HPLC Vial is available in free sample. Before you buy 9mm 2ml Screw HPLC Vial, please tell the business manager which color you need. Our business manager can prepare 8-10pcs vial to test. Welcome to inquiry.