9mm 2ml Hplc Screw Vials for Chromatography
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9mm 2ml Hplc Screw Vials for Chromatography

Jun. 16th, 2020
Aijiren focus on improving the safety and integrity of our samples. Aijiren provide innovative 9mm thread  caps and 9mm 2ml Hplc Screw Vials to ensure consistent productivity in all separation processes. These vials are the best choice for the latest autosampler. Standard open screw vials are made of borosilicate glass with a maximum filling volume of 2ml.
9mm screw thread caps, septa, and 9mm 2ml Hplc Screw Vials are designed especially for use with Agilent's and other rotating or robotic arm samplers. 9mm 2ml Hplc Screw Vials are manufactured of Clear glass,Type 1 Class A or Amber, Type 1 Class B borosilicate glass and include a write-in patch for sample identification. Amber glass helps avoid exposure to UV light thus protecting the samples of sensitive nature. 
The cap is made of high-quality polypropylene with precise manufacturing tolerances and is lined in a controlled production environment. The color of the cap can be customized according to customer needs.When using the Aijiren cap, even after multiple injections are performed, low evaporation performance of the sample or solvent.
Too much or too little resistance to the needle can damage the septum, damage the re-sealing, the needle may be clogged by the core ring of the septum material, or the autosampler may be damaged. Aijiren silicone rubber/PTFE septa used is designed to provide the appropriate amount of resistance to the autosampler needle during the injection process, so it penetrates correctly into the vial without damaging the septum or injection needle. 
Aijiren's 9mm 2ml Hplc Screw Vials is the most popular product because it can be applied to various brands and models of autosampler, and the screw thread bottle mouth guarantees the tightness of 9mm 2ml Hplc Screw Vials, if you want to buy 9mm 2ml Hplc Screw Vials, please contact Aijiren.