Aijiren 2ml Glass Vial for Chromatogaphy for Sale
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Aijiren 2ml Glass Vial for Chromatogaphy for Sale

Jul. 15th, 2020
2ml Glass Vials are ubiquitous in analytical laboratories, and suppliers have developed many varieties to meet the various needs of scientists. Therefore, multiple types of vials may be used simultaneously in a single laboratory, and 2ml Glass Vials are one of the most suitable HPLC Vials for analytical methods.
2ml Glass Vials can usually be distinguished according to the thread of the bottle mouth, generally divided into 3 types, screw thread vial, snap vial and crimp vial. The screw thread vial can be divided into 8mm, 9mm and 10mm according to the size of the bottle mouth. Aijiren's snap vial and crimp vial's mouths are generally 11mm, and the wider opening can ensure that the autosampler can be accurately inserted into the sample vial when injecting.
The 2ml Glass Vials produced by Aijiren are made of high-quality Glass and can withstand high temperature and corrosion. It is the best choice for chromatography analysis experiments. Caps with Septa, which is compatible with 2ml Glass Vials, is also made with high-quality raw materials.It can withstand high temperature and corrosion, and the Cap has good sealing performance. Septa is not easy to fall off and it is not easy to react with the solvent.
Aijiren is a company with a long history, dating back to the 1980s. At that time, Aijiren was a manufacturing plant in the rubber industry. With its knowledge of rubber, Aijiren began to produce Septa used in 2ml Glass Vials, Septa produced by Aijiren It is not easy to deform and has good sealing. Aijiren began to study the process of producing matching 2ml Glass Vials, and now has several production lines for different product processing.
Aijiren is a global supplier of 2ml Glass Vials and is compatible with HPLC, GC, GCMS equipment and chromatography data systems. Provides a chromatography analyzer solution that allows you to customize the functionality of the chromatography system to meet specific analytical requirements. Purchase 2ml Glass Vials for chromatography and identify Aijiren