How to Select Aijiren 2ml HPLC Glass Vials?
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How to Select Aijiren 2ml HPLC Glass Vials?

Jul. 14th, 2020
The process of choosing a 2ml HPLC Glass Vial in the lab can be complicated because there are many elements to consider and a number of options available. This article provides an overview of the 2ml HPLC Glass Vial option and how each fits into your specific needs.When choosing 2ml HPLC Glass Vial, the material of the product is the most important. Depending on the application, glass vials is the best choice. Let's start by examining the facts and benefits of glass vials.
 Glass vials are pure. In other words, there is no trace of contaminants in components such as metals that can interfere with the experiment. Glass is also heat resistant. This is important because 2ml HPLC Glass Vial can be heated above 500 degrees Celsius. As a result, 2ml HPLC Glass Vial is a common choice in many labs.
2ml HPLC Glass Vial come in a variety of sizes to suit many needs. Standard sizes include 8mm,9mm,10mm(screw thread) 11mm(snap/crimp).If your sample needs to be processed by a robot (R.A.M.), then it is recommended that you choose 9mm 2ml HPLC Glass Vial, because 9mm 2ml HPLC Glass Vial is compatible with most Autosampler on the market.
2ml HPLC Glass Vial can be clear or amber. The reason for this is related to the protection of vial contents from UV rays that can damage certain chemicals. Scratchable chemicals are ideal for amber vials, while clear glass vials provide for best visibility of  chemicals.
With more than 10 years of experience, the Aijiren Group has a deep understanding of customer needs. Aijiren serve our laboratory customers around the world. In addition, you can customize more specifications to meet your requirements better.Welcome to inquire 2ml HPLC Glass Vial.