Aijiren 2ml Glass Vial for Chromatography on Sale
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Aijiren 2ml Glass Vial for Chromatography on Sale

Jul. 17th, 2020
There are three different types of 2ml Glass Vials from aijiren, Screw vial, snap vial and crimp vial, Screw vial is most suitable for autosampler, because it is very convenient to operate, and the size of the caliber is large, it can be applied to different brands and models of autosampler.
Snap-top 2ml Glass Vials are suitable for holding samples that are not easily deteriorated, because Snap-top 2ml Glass Vials can be easily buckled with Cap, but the sealing is not very good and is not suitable for long-term storage of samples. Crimp-top 2ml Glass Vials Use Hand Crimper to cap the cap and seal it very well. It is suitable for long-term storage of samples.
2ml Glass Vials are sold in convenient pre-packaged sets.Generally, 100 2ml Glass Vials come in a box, and bring the matching Caps&Septum.After the customer places an order, we will pack the product into a carton. After the carton is stacked, it will be wrapped in a plastic film to prevent moisture and waterproof for shipping.
Aijiren's 2ml Glass Vials can be applied in a wide range of fields. Many projects that require chromatographic analysis need to use 2ml Glass Vials, such as environmental analysis, soil analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, food analysis, etc. The aim of Aijiren is to provide high-quality chromatographic consumables for customers of chromatography.
Aijiren offers a full range of chromatography products to suit your specific needs. We cover each step of your workflow, providing everything from vials, caps, and closures to chromatography columns and micro-inserts— all from trusted suppliers and brands. Browse autosampler vials and vial inserts in various sizes and closures with and without septa, including snap, screw, or crimp top vial closure options.