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Aijiren 2ml Amber Autosampler Vial Manufacturer

Jul. 20th, 2020
In the laboratory, we often see a variety of containers. Chromatography sample vial is one of the most common vial. But often this small sample vial has a crucial impact on the results of the experiment. The common 2ml autosample vial is available in amber and clear colors. On the surface of the color is different, in fact, the two vials are very different.
2ml Amber Autosampler Vial is made of borosilicate glass. This glass have a feature. The linear coefficient of Type 1 amber borosilicate glass is expanded to 51. So the 2ml Amber Autosampler Vial can withstand high temperature and withstand acid and alkali. 2ml Amber Autosampler Vial  can show good performance during the experiment.
Aijiren is a manufacturer of 2ml Amber Autosampler Vial. All amber sample vials, in the process of producing, must be added to a special substance. So that the color of the vial has appeared amber. Most of these vial are used to carry reagents that are sensitive to light. At the same time, there are threaded mouth, crimp mouth, and snaps mouth of 2ml Amber Autosampler Vial is available.
Aijiren 2ml Amber Autosampler Vial has get the ISO9001 and SGS certification. So the 2ml Amber Autosampler Vial quality is be guaranteed. Your samples are valuable so make sure you select 2ml Amber Autosampler Vial that provide your sample with a safe environment before injection or long-term storage.
Aijiren 2ml Amber Autosampler Vial can be supply in free sample to test, before you buy it. If you are looking for 2ml autosampler vial, you can inquiry our business manager.