Aijiren Affordable 2ml HPLC Glass Vial on Stock
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Aijiren Affordable 2ml HPLC Glass Vial on Stock

Jul. 16th, 2020
2ml HPLC Glass Vial is made of glass, because some samples are sensitive to sunlight, easy to react or volatilize, so Aijiren not only provides Clear glass vial but also Amber glass vial to protect light sensitive samples. The glass used by Aijiren to make 2ml HPLC Glass Vial is a high-quality glass purchased after extensive investigation, which can avoid the reaction with the reagent to the greatest extent.
2ml HPLC Glass Vial is Aijiren's flagship product. 2ml HPLC Glass Vial has a wide range of uses, large consumption per analysis experiment, and can be applied to various types of autosamplers, chromatographic instruments, HPLC, GC, etc. Aijiren produces 2ml HPLC Glass Vial for various laboratories and analysis companies to use.
The packaging of 2ml HPLC Glass Vial has many types for customers to choose. If customers have customized needs, Aijiren can also provide customized services. Aijiren is located in Quzhou, Zhejiang, near the port, customers have needs, we will ship 2ml HPLC Glass Vial as soon as possible after production.
Aijiren cooperates with many universities in Zhejiang to provide chromatographic consumables for the laboratories in the university, supports the development of the chromatographic industry, and also provides help for the chromatographic industry to train emerging talents. Therefore, Aijiren was selected as an excellent local company and has Very good reputation.
Zhejiang aijiren technology INC., is a global supplier of 2ml HPLC Glass Vial and Headspace vial, which are compatible with HPLC, GC and GCMS instruments and chromatography data system; offers chromatography analyser solutions which tailor the capabilities of chromatography systems to meet specific analytical requirements.