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2ml Glass HPLC Vial from China Leading Supplier

Jul. 16th, 2020
2ml Glass HPLC Vial from aijiren is produced using high-quality glass materials and the exclusive vial process. The unique bottle making process ensures that the inner and outer walls of the vial are straight, strictly produced according to production standards, and guarantees the vial’s There is no difference between them, reducing the impact on customer experiments.
Aijiren provides customers with three types of 2ml Glass HPLC Vial: Screw vial, Snap vial, Crimp vial.Screw Thread vials and snap vials are typically used in LC applications and crimping vials are common in GC labs. Although the 8-425 thread is the original screw vial, it is possible to pipet while maintaining autosampler compatibility, so we recommend 9mm threads for most customers.
9mm 2ml Glass HPLC Vial is made of two kinds of glass, clear glass and amber glass, customers can choose the type of glass according to their needs. The 9mm 2ml Glass HPLC Vial supporting Cap&Septa is also special. Cap has a variety of colors and can be customized according to customer needs. Septa is also processed by Aijiren’s special process to ensure that the cover pad is not deformed and is not easy to fall off.
If the customer's sample is very precious, Aijiren recommends the use of micro-insert. The micro-insert made of glass can be placed in 2ml Glass HPLC Vial, which is convenient for sampling needle without causing waste. Aijiren's micro-insert packaging is very careful, please rest assured to buy.
Aijiren is known for its extensive assortment of 2ml Glass HPLC Vial, cap and septa. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, and with the help we help us to streamline our business processes in a well-maintained manner.If you want to know more about 2ml Glass HPLC Vial,please contect us,we will reply you as soon as possible.
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