Aijiren Headspace Glass Vials on Stock
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Aijiren Headspace Glass Vials on Stock

Sep. 11th, 2020
Aijiren 10 mL and 20 mL certified screw and crimp styles, transparent or scarlet glass Headspace Vials and associated 18 mm and 20 mm headspace caps are designed to prevent sample contamination and provide consistent and safe seals. These Headspace Vials are available in both flat and round bottom styles for use on a variety of headspace equipment platforms.
Aijiren's Headspace Vials uses Type 1 borosilicate glass. The transparent glass vial has a 20mm crimp sealing surface or an 18mm Screw Neck, which is suitable for most headspace autosamplers. The flat-bottomed vial can maximize heating efficiency when used with the bottom. The robotic arm that lifts the robotic arm from the tray makes it easier to handle round-bottomed sample vials.
Aijiren Headspace Vials have round shoulders and bottoms, which can be heated evenly under higher pressure and safer operation. The design of Caps can also ensure stronger sealing to Septa. Customers can choose Amber Glass or Clear Glass according to whether the sample is sensitive to light. Amber Glass Vial can protect samples against UV rays.
Aijiren's packaging uses PP box, 100pcs/pack for packaging, Cap and Via will be transported separately, and will try to avoid Headspace Vials damage during transport. Aijiren promises short delivery time and high product quality.Make customers satisfied with the quality of our products.
Aijiren started producing chromatographic consumables in 2007, and has developed its own factory, brand new production line, complete R&D department and testing department, which can meet the needs of customers for a variety of products. Aijiren will continue to strive to become a better manufacturer of chromatography consumables.