Aluminum Cap GC Vial used with Hand Crimper
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Aluminum Cap GC Vial used with Hand Crimper

Oct. 28th, 2020
The 20mm Crimp Headspace Vial produced by Aijiren has three specifications: 6ml, 10ml and 20ml. The 6ml via is 22*38mm, flat bottom, and made of 5.0type glass. A 10ml via is 22.5mm*46mm, and a 20ml via is 22.8*75mm. There are two types of bottoms, round bottom and flat bottom. There are two types of glass, 5.0type and 7.0type, and two colors: clear and amber.
Aijiren provides 20mm Crimp Headspace Vial, Aluminum Cap, PTFE and Silicone double-sided Septa, as well as Hand Crimper for sealing and Decrimper for unsealing. Customers can purchase them individually or in a package, which is convenient for your laboratory.The Septa specification provided by Aijiren is 20*3mm, and the Cap has center holes of different sizes depending on the type.
Aijiren considered that the 20mm Crimp Headspace Vial is often used for gas chromatography when designing the Headspace Vial. Therefore, the Vial needs to have sufficient high temperature resistance, stability, and tightness. Therefore, the 20mm Crimp Headspace Vial adopts Hand Crimper. Aluminum Cap for sealing.
Aijiren has its own 20mm Crimp Headspace Vial manufacturing plant, and the production of Headspace Vial uses fully automatic production lines. The output has risen sharply and can meet multiple orders. After the customer places the order, the factory will use carton packaging to package the products and send them to ship for transportation.
If you want to buy 20mm Crimp Headspace Vial, you can contact online customer service on our official website to place an order, or you can leave a comment in the message area of the official website. Our staff will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any product questions, you can ask us. Committed to providing good service.