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2ml Glass Vials for HPLC Analysis from Aijiren

Oct. 27th, 2020
Aijiren provide 2ml Glass HPLC Vial for chromatography analysis, there are  many types of 2ml Glass Vial, which are basically classified according to the caliber of the vial. At present, 2ml glass vial contains three different types of vial: Screw Top,Snap Top and Crimp Top.
The Screw Top 2ml Glass HPLC Vial produced by Aijiren has three sizes of apertures, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm. 8-425 is usually suitable for Shimadzu autosamplers. The aperture is not large enough for automatic injection needles. The 9mm 2ml Glass Vial is Aijiren’s best-selling 2ml Glass Vial because it can match most autosamplers. The 10mm 2ml Glass Vial has the largest caliber.
The bottle mouth of Snap Top 2ml Glass HPLC Vial has two parallel lines, which are used to jam the four protrusions on the cap to ensure the closure of the cap and the vial. However, the seal of the snap Top 2ml Glass Vial is not strong, so it can only be used Place the sample for a short time and cannot be used for storage.
The cap of Crimp Top 2ml Glass HPLC Vial is made of Aluminum material, which is convenient for Hand Crimper to seal and Decrimper to disassemble. The advantage of Crimp Top Glass Vial is that it has strong sealing, can store samples for a long time, and can also contain gas. The disadvantage is that the sealing operation is more troublesome.
Which of the several 2ml Glass HPLC Vial provided by Aijiren do you need most? If you are not sure, you can tell the salesperson of Aijiren, the model of the HPLC machine you are using, we will help you recommend the most suitable 2ml Glass Vial, and hope that the shopping experience in Aijiren will satisfy you.
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