Alumnium Cap with Crimp Top Glass Vials from Aijiren
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Alumnium Cap with Crimp Top Glass Vials from Aijiren

Nov. 10th, 2020
The Crimp Top Vials produced by Aijiren are made of transparent or amber type 1 borosilicate glass or polypropylene. Requires crimper and lid opener. Very suitable for long-term storage. Aijiren has strict quality assurance to provide dimensional consistency between batches. Some crimp vials have optional ceramic writing points with filling marks.
Crimp Top Vials are very suitable for autosamplers, and have good chemical compatibility and ultra-high cleanliness. The crimp top sample bottle is currently the most commonly used gas sampling bottle on the market. At the same time, the bottom of some sample bottles is designed as a round bottom, so it has a flat bottom function and is compatible with automatic sampling equipment.
Aijiren Crimp Top Vials and corresponding 11 mm aluminum caps can be easily combined with crimp cap tools. The vial can withstand heat and pressure, and can also be used for chemical reactions. Especially for sample bottles with white open caps and thick PTFE/silicone septa, they can be used as anhydrous and oxygen-free reaction vials.
The Aluminum Cap used by Aijiren can easily change the state of the cap, and the packaging of the vial makes the seal better. The Aluminum Caps produced by Aijiren are equipped with a 5.5mm Center Hole, which is convenient for automatic injection needle in and out. Hand Crimper and Decrimper are also 11mm caliber.
Aijiren's cover pad is made of Septa made of Silicone and PTFE double-sided material. This kind of cover pad is not easy to be damaged and not easily deformed. In order to make the auto-injection needle easier to pierce, Aijiren also provides a pre-slit cover pad to facilitate the auto-injection needle to pass through and ensure sealing.