Micro-Insert Suit for 2ml HPLC Vials from Aijiren
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Micro-Insert Suit for 2ml HPLC Vials from Aijiren

Nov. 11th, 2020
The Micro-insert produced by Aijiren is often used in situations where sample reagents are more precious. At this time, the 2ml hplc vial containing liquid is prone to unsuccessful cases of automatic injection needle drawing liquid. Using micro-insert, the small volume can raise the liquid level, and the automatic injection needle can easily draw liquid.
The Micro-insert not only facilitates automatic sampling, the 2ml hplc vial after the used micro-insert is taken out can also be used twice, thereby saving the cost of a batch of consumables in the laboratory. It is worth noting that the micro-insert can usually only be used once. The micro vial insert can be used with screw vials, crimp vials or snap vials.
There are usually three types of Micro-inserts produced by Aijiren, 250uL Micro-insert with mandrel interior&polymer feet, the specification is 29*5.7mm, 250uL Conical Micro-insert, the specification is 31*5.7mm, 300uL Micro-insert, the specification is 31*6mm. Customers can choose from three specifications of Micro-insert according to the available sampling volume and the residual amount after sampling.
It is worth noting that for the Micro-insert with polymer feet, The plastic foot acts as a shock absorber during the needle penetration process and lifts the insert above the bottom of the sample bottle to achieve greater sample recovery. During the sampling process of the autosampler, the insert will not shake and cause the autosampler needle to skewed, causing 2ml vials breakage or something.
The Micro-insert produced by Aijiren has provided a lot of help for HPLC chromatography, and many customers have given Aijiren a lot of praise after purchase. Aijiren has been working hard to improve its product quality and brand capabilities, hoping to become an internationally renowned supplier of chromatography consumables.