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Meet Aijiren at Analitica Latin America 2019

Aug. 16th, 2019
Attention please, Analitica Latin America in 2019 will be hold in Brazil. Have you got the invitation?

Aijiren exhibition

As one of largest chromatography consumables manufacturer, Aijiren which is special guest was invited by Brazil Government. Aijiren will take newest headspace vial and HPLC vial, whose produce by heat-storage glass kilns technology. At that time, high temperature resistance PTFE vial closure will strike a pose on the stage in this exhibition. Aijiren will supply some free vial and free closure to test. If you come to our exhibition position, you will get the latest industry information and a mysterious present. Please save Aijiren technology Inc. invitation. It will become a Enter and leave the venue Pass check.
At the last, let’s have a look at the events of previous exhibitions.
chromatography consumable exhibition

Aijiren is here waiting for you.