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How Important is the Quality of the Chromatographic Sample Bottle

Jun. 22nd, 2019

Chromatographic sample bottle is a typical type of sample bottle, and is widely used in the market, so it is necessary to understand the information point of this device.


Chromatographic sample bottles can mainly see the contents clearly. Because of this, external light can easily penetrate the container, causing the contents to deteriorate. At present, a kind of colorless and transparent sample bottle that can block ultraviolet rays appears, which has attracted wide attention. One way to do this is by adding uv-absorbing metal oxides to the glass. At the same time, the use of color complementary effect, and the addition of certain metals or their oxides, the color of the glass faded.


About chromatographic sample bottle product features:


One: chromatographic sample bottle compared with other materials and imports more cost-effective, stronger durability.


Two: chromatographic sample bottle shelf can be marked with symbols such as Numbers, which can make the experimenter more accurate.


Three: the product is specially designed to prevent chromatographic sample bottle, can be placed in the case of empty and full stack, effectively save the work table space.


Four: the product is produced by high quality PP plastic, in contact with organic solvents and general acid and alkali liquid will not be deformed, than the market plexiglass sample bottle holder more durable.


How important is the quality of the chromatographic sample bottle? :


If not strict control of tolerance, automatic sampler sample bottle label size and heavy wall may be different, it will affect the sample bottle of sample volume, the dragon is very important for a small amount of samples, we have strict tolerance control throughout the manufacturing process, from initial design to final photoelectric scan process, to ensure that each sample bottles and caps on the accuracy of the specification.


The integrity, cleanliness and uniformity of chromatographic sample bottles are essential for today's demanding applications. All agiline technology sample bottles are manufactured under the ISO9001 clean environment, and the unique packaging ensures the cleanliness and safety in the transportation process.


The chromatographic sample bottle has the following advantages: the unique thread design can ensure the strict sealing between the glass bottle and the bottle; The bottle cap USES high quality PP raw material to ensure the product quality; Ptfe/silicone rubber pad, soft seal, very durable; The assembled bottle cap and pad are convenient for direct use; Strict quality assurance, each batch of products size is exactly the same; Autosampler Vials for HPLC, UPLC, GC with 20ml, 40ml and 60ml capacity can be selected; Super clean packing, import sub-packing.