Autosampler 2ml Crimp HPLC Vials with Cap and Septa for Sale
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Autosampler 2ml Crimp HPLC Vials with Cap and Septa for Sale

Dec. 14th, 2019
2ml Crimp HPLC Vials provide low evaporation, reusability, less hand injury during manipulation than crimp seals and require no special tools. All screw threads vials and caps are differentiated by their thread finish as defined by the Glass Packaging Institute, GPI.

As a base supplier of laboratory products specializing in a lineup of medical, life sciences, chemical and research consumables, Aijiren is working with customers to develop high-quality end-user solutions. Make sure consumers have a fun experience with 2ml Crimp HPLC Vials.
1.Can I accept OEM custom design products?
OEM available! You need to provide drawings or photos of the new product you want. Our research department will respond within 24 hours,like the popular product 2ml Crimp HPLC Vials.
2.What about the payment period?
Acceptable by T/T transfer, letter of credit (LC) and Paypal, Western Union, D/A, O/A, and D/P.

3.How do I keep my customers' personal information secret?
We know the customer's interests, keep their personal information secret, and do not spread it to third parties outside.

Our 2ml Crimp HPLC Vials for autosampler are constructed from type 33 and type 51 COE borosilicate glass, with low metal content, to protect your sample from destabilizing or leaching. By choosing our caps and septa, you provide your sample with a the best containment solution available.
So if you want to know more or have requirement about 2ml Crimp HPLC Vials,please contact with Aijiren,which is the leading supplier of chromatography consumables.