Most Comprehensive Knowledge of Vial Crimping
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Most Comprehensive Knowledge of Vial Crimping

Dec. 10th, 2019
Vial Crimping is also known as the gland pliers, cap holder, which is based on the original liquid chromatography forceps headspace vials structure and is made for crimp-top headspace vials for sealing. What is important is the generality of this capping device, which can be used in all kinds of domestic and imported headspace injection bottles and crimp-top vials.
Its superior sealing and the quality of the material are incomparable. Its use is different from ordinary bottle gland clamp.There are two sizes: 20mm and 11mm, depending on the size of the headspace vials.

The pressure cover of the Vial Crimping is made of all stainless steel, and the fuselage is beautiful, compact and flexible.It is used in pharmaceutical factories, scientific research institutes, laboratories and hospital pharmacy departments at home and abroad as a cap rolling tool for small batch packaging of various liquid medicines.
In particular, when the major pharmaceutical factories or dosage rooms are in the process of production,when the power failure or other electric cap rolling equipment failure occurs suddenly and there is no way to solve the problem, the use of this equipment can replace the use, so as to ensure the normal production.

Features of the vials Vial Crimping:

1. All parts are made of stainless steel;
2. The fuselage is produced by a one-time casting molding manufacturing;
3.The heart of the fuselage is well-made;
4.It has comfortable hand feel, adjustable tightness, smooth and clean, beautiful and smart, safe and reliable;
5.The compressed cap is smooth and complete with good sealing and easy to carry. The vial holder meets the needs of modern medical research and production.

Operation process of the Vial Crimping:

Step1.Material preparation -- prepare filling vials, caps and gloves;
Step2.Roll cap- after putting the cover on the filling vial, put your left hand on the work tray and press the handle down with your right hand. At this point, the rolling cap is close to the table tray until the cap and the rolling cap are pressed together. After rotating the cap cutter head for several times, squeeze the cap tightly;
Step3.Bottling - then put the handle back in place, roll the cap back in place, the lid is rolled, then remove.

Usages of Vial Crimping : 

1.After pressing the easy pull cover or aluminum cover, put it into the rolling head, press the handle up and down gently until the rolling head tightens (without excessive force), then release the handle and return to the original position.  Use three fingers to check the bottle cap to make sure the cap is tight. 
2. If the cover is not tight or smooth, you can adjust the cap of the vial holder. Rotate clockwise to loosen and counterclockwise to tighten.

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