Buy 10mm autosampler 2ml vials with caps from China
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Buy 10mm autosampler 2ml vials with caps from China

Dec. 16th, 2019
Unlike test tubes with round bottoms, the bottom of the 10mm autosampler 2ml vials with caps are often flat, but not for small hinge caps or snap-top vials.
With many factors to consider and many options to choose from, the process of selecting 10mm autosampler 2ml vials with caps for the lab can be complex. This article provides an overview of chromatography vial options and guidance on how each fits into a particular need.
Quality - Our glass vial products can be expected to be of the highest quality because they will not reach the door until they pass the most stringent quality assurance tests.
Reliability – Ensure that the purchased glass vial performs the designed job.
Integrity – To fulfill our commitment to producing the safest and highest quality products, we stand behind glass vials with confidence.
High quality vial-USP type I and ASTM E438, type I,10mm autosampler 2ml vials with caps with caps are made of low-extracting borosilicate glass in accordance with Class A requirements. This type of glass has a borosilicate structure. PH is ideal for accommodating all injectable formulations that are acidic, neutral and alkaline. It is also highly resistant to thermal shock and can be sterilized before or after filling.
In addition to providing a wide range of vials for most commercial autosamplers and chromatography applications, Aijiren offers on-site consulting, cross-reference support, and, if necessary, sample delivery supports the 10mm autosampler 2ml vials with caps selection process.
Founded in 2010 on behalf of the manufacturer, Aijiren has grown into a global distributor of chromatography consumables like 10mm autosampler 2ml vials with caps
We are dedicated to providing technical expertise in the field of chromatography by recommending products that meet your analytical requirements.
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