Wholesale 9mm autosampler 2ml vials with caps from China
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Wholesale 9mm autosampler 2ml vials with caps from China

Dec. 16th, 2019
9ml autosampler 2ml vials with caps are most commonly used in the diagnostic, analytical, or pharmaceutical market, but due to sampling and test sizes, you can see that they are increasingly used in personal care and cosmetics.
Glass vials are slim, tall cylindrical glass containers that can be used to hold a variety of liquids, specimens, or samples.
With these 9ml autosampler 2ml vials, the vapor pressure generated by the substrate does not inflate the vial seal, allowing for high-precision analysis.

Septum is also classified according to airtightness and heat resistance and can be provided to users.
In addition, the outer diameter, height, and volume of 9ml autosampler 2ml vials with caps are rigorous to ensure the reliability of temperature control and automatic analysis of samples. It is produced according to certain standards.
Description about 9ml autosampler 9ml autosampler 2ml vials:
1.High-quality Schott glass vial for HPLC/GC analysis, glass-colored glass for sunlight resistance samples
2.0.3 ml transparent glass micro insert, fixed to 2 ml 9-425 amber glass vial, insert vial readings 6 x 29mm
3.Conical-based insertion vials save samples during injection
4.Vial compatible with 9-425 caps of all types
5.9mm wide opening screw to improve needle injection
As a leading Chinese manufacturer, Aijiren supplies high-quality chromatographic consumables such as caps, septums and 9ml autosampler 2ml vials and syringe filters. Product consistency between each batch is very good and quality can be guaranteed.