buy 2ml chromatography vials with high quality from Aijiren
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buy 2ml chromatography vials with high quality from Aijiren

Feb. 25th, 2021
The 2ml chromatography vial is forged at high temperatures from borosilate glass. Our molds strictly ensure that viaal specifications are consistent across batches. Glass viaals are available in two colors: amber glass and clear glass. Amber glass viaals can protect photosethesic samples. The transparent glass vial makes it easy to see changes in samples in the vial.
The Aijiren Scientific 2ml chromatography vial Certified Vial Convenience Kit (Opening 9mm) is fully lot tested in multiple ways for 15 critical parameters. All packs come with a certificate of conformity. The viaal, manufactured from excellent quality 33 scale borosate transparent (Type 1, Class A) glass, is available in assembly and unassynthesced kits. An assortment of 9mm viaals with different openings and different closures are available for applications.
These 2ml chromatography vial are suitable for the latest autosomplers. With an emphasis on advanced sample safety and integrity, we offer innovative Aijiren9mm caps and Aijiren9mm screw top bottles for consistent productivity in each separation.
The cap of the 2ml chromatography vial is made of aluminum material, which is convenient for sealing hand crimpers and disassembling decrympers. The advantage of crimp-top glass vial is that it has strong sealing, allows samples to be stored for a long time and can also contain gas. The downside is that sealing operations become more cumbersome.
Use Aijren 2ml chromatography vial and aluminum crimp seal closure. These high quality 11mm glass vias are 2mL, 12 x 32 mm and compatible with most branded autosomplers. Made of excellent quality 33 extended borsic acid clear (type 1, class A) and meets all requirements of US, EU and Japanese pharmacity. Choose from the Aygirene brand.